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An ambitious collector contacts with a simple job about robbing a small bank that houses a valuable collection of ancient coins.

Kranich has hired you to retrieve sensitive information that came into Avalon's possession.
What this information is and exactly where it's kept is unclear, but they managed to narrow it down to a well secured warehouse on the edge of town.

Another of these Harvest & Trustee banks so expect the usual stuff with them.
However for this particular branch they've updated their security system for the vault.

We have a lot of guns we want to get rid of, so we need you to create a demand for them.

The Bookworm need to get rid of competition for some planned auction.
One of his competitor is obsessed with something that he stored inside a vault of his Gambling room, We need to get inside the vault and destroy it.

Elections are here and the crew is required once again, this time at an Electoral Headquarter.

We'll be heading to the Hardware Store that's reportedly being used to smuggle drugs and weapons throughout the country.

In the north of Washington, a new branch of Harvest & Trustee has opened. This is our new target.

I've got a new one for you, from a guy calling himself The Collector.
He's heard about how smoothly you liberated some artifacts from an old man under GenSec's watchful eye, even going so far as to replace them with fakes; And he wants that kind of professionalism.

Some travelers found an old train in the middle of the forest. It's been there for a while, probably derailed years ago.

I've caught wind about one of the FBI offices in Downtown just received large sums of cash being stored in a vault within.

I've traced some FBI turrets to a warehouse near the docks.

So here's my little problem. There's this one manager of Avalon Corporations.

There are some Russians near Alaska who are secretly storing gold in their warehouse. Lots of it.

Want more verticallity on your map and not use ziplines? Use these new short range mantle and long range graple points.

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